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There are so many singers in the world that are gifted by God and mature in their calling that she makes no great claims or predictions of how this CD will soar. She told the Father that through all she’d been through if He’d let her live she would sing songs that will glorify Him. He knew her heart and placed in her what she promised she’d do. “He poured words and melodies into my spirit and I became not a student, but a willing vessel, to write the words of a ready writer.” “He gifted me and for that I’m more than honored, eternally grateful, and pray that this project, “Under Reconstruction… In The Room” will perform the thing in the hearts of people (Christians and non-Christians) the world over that he has purposed it to do in Jesus name.”

Her singing appearances started at home with her sisters and brothers for my parents, my father in particular. “We had to sing for our meals”, as she laughs. Then, as a young teenager she and her sisters sang with the legendary James Cleveland at Cobo Hall. Estella continued with appearances at Concert In The Park in Niagara Falls, Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto during the Carabana Festival; WDIV/Channel 4, The Presidential Democratic Convention, Channel 62’s Christ Is Your Answer, and various Churches around the country. She’s appeared on WMUZ, at Greater Grace Summer Gospel Fest, Channel 38, Sonshine Christian School, Inkster Summer Fest, National Strawberry Festival, KCOH Houston, Borders, Positively Pontiac, WQBH, U of M, and various other venues around the country.

Estella has traveled nationwide appearing in various theatre productions such as: “For Colored Girls Only”, at the South Coast Repertory Theater; Orange County California; “A Tribute To Black History” at The Los Angeles Theater Center; “The Lorraine Hansberry Story”, as Lorraine Hansberry; “The Final Word” featuring Burrell Bailey, Karen Clark & Clifton Davis at Chicago’s Regal Theatre and the Music Hall, and The Paul Roberson Theatre in “Shakin The Mess Outta Misery.” She studied theatre in California under Bill Duke along with Danny Glover, Martha Reeves, and others. She also studied under Pamela Campus, Regenia Wimbush, and Adelline Hunter/Director (South Coast Repertory Theatre).

Estella M. Chambers is not afraid to let good music happen. This talented and soulful singer/songwriter has created something special. Her message is inspirational, her lyrics uplifting, and her music always diverse. Estella mixes a unique blend of musical styles. This recording has a contemporary vitality about it without sacrificing Estella’s spiritual convictions. While paying homage to the great gospel tradition. Estella imprints her signature sound into the spiritual undertow. Her standard of songwriting is consistently high, making this Michigan diamond in the rough a must hear. Estella’s single/sophomore, “I Thought You Knew” was released and sold out at Greater Grace Temple during a benefit dinner that included Vickie Winans and Tim Bowman and is  a prelude to her newly released project, “For The Glory”.